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World Master Instructor Chong Chul Rhee, founder of Taekwondo in Australia, head of the Rhee Taekwondo Organisation, Master Instructor and Chief Instructor for Australia and New Zealand, he is also the President of the Taekwondo Instructors’ Federation of Australia and New Zealand.
World Master Rhee acquired vast international experience before coming to Australia. He was a leading instructor of the Korean Marines, Police Force, students at universities and colleges and members of the public. World Master Rhee developed and taught special unarmed combat methods to the Marine Commandos, the elite Commandoes’ underwater demolition team, Marine Brigade Headquarters and Marine 2nd Infantry Divisions. (The Korean Marines earned a reputation as the world’s most feared and courageous troops. Nicknamed ‘The Demon Hunter Marines”, they were easily recognised on the battle fields and were the most disciplined, daring and highly efficient elite of the armed forces.)
World Master Rhee then spent some years in South East Asia – including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei and other countries – spreading the Art of Taekwondo. Taekwondo is booming in these countries today and many thousands of students are reaping the benefits of World Master Rhee’s dedication to the Art. Since introducing the Art of Taekwondo in Australia, – World Master Rhee has led hundreds of demonstrations throughout the nation. He has demonstrated the Art at universities, colleges, Air Force bases, Army and Police academies, and to the public. He has been
featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles and brought the spectacular Art of Rhee Taekwondo to millions of television viewers.
Through unending hard work and perseverance World Master Rhee has established a very strong foundation for the art of Rhee Taekwondo with the assistance of a massive network of black belt assistant instructors. World Master Rhee’s wealth of technical and teaching experience and highly skilled technique have contributed substantially to Rhee Taekwondo’s dynamic expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Approximately 1300 years ago, during the Silla Dynasty in Korea, an ancient form of unarmed combat – known in those days as Tae-Kyon – evolved.
The ancient Art of Tae-Kyon is now widely dispersed throughout the world and known as various forms of Taekwondo.
The definition of RHEE TAEKWONDO involves dynamic techniques of unarmed combat for self-defensive purposes, combining the skilled application of powerful punches, flying kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions. The Rhee Taekwondo practitioner uses well-trained hands, arms and feet to effect the rapid destruction of any attacker.
Rhee Taekwondo is most assuredly a dynamic and extremely effective Martial Art – more valid in the violent times in which we live than ever before.
But the Art reaches much further than mere combat effectiveness.
The discipline, mental training and varied techniques of Rhee Taekwondo also provide the grounds for engendering in the practitioner a strong sense of humility and resolve.
It is this vital mental conditioning that separates the true practitioner from
one who has mastered only the physical aspects of the art.
Expertly taught by qualified instructors, regular practice of Rhee Taekwondo ensures limitless benefits for a fulfilling Way of Life.


SaBum – Korean word for ‘Martial Arts Teacher / Instructor’

Rhee Taekwon-do SaBum are highly qualified professionals officially appointed by the organisation, and by World Master Chong Chul Rhee. The SaBum are dedicated, skilled martial artists, specially selected with great consideration and are carefully trained to bring out the best in their students._DSC0075

They are fully recognized by the Australian and New Zealand Rhee Taekwon-do Instructors Federation, and also the Australian Rhee Taekwon-do Federation. These highly qualified SaBum invest a great deal of time and patience to ensure the members achieve a good standard that they can be proud of.

Rhee Taekwon-do SaBums’ vast experience and great knowledge of the art certainly benefit the members’ progress in training. Besides the excellent technical skills and talents of the SaBum, they also possess high moral and professional standards so that the members can fully understand the true essence of the art and its philosophy.

Rhee Taekwon-do SaBum (teachers) and Yudanja ( assistants) demonstrate great care, understanding, consideration and fortitude to gradually guide the students’ development in pursuit of the art. Over the years they have established an outstanding record and today’s excellent standards of the members speak for themselves.

Instructor Profileimg_3293 – David Elton

David has a vast level of knowledge and experience in studying and te
aching Rhee Taekwondo. Currently David Holds the rank of Kwan Jang Nim (Regional Instructor). Over the past 22+ years David has trained hundreds of students and countless Black belt members who have gone onto achieve a huge range of personal and professional goals.

David has four wonderful children of his own ranging from 2 to 13 years. Being a parent develops a different level of skills. The most important being communication. The ability to relate and communicate a message to young children is unique and often missed in Martial Arts. A black belt can be the greatest puncher and most dynamic kicker in the room but translating that to a child can be a great challenge in itself.

Mission Statement: To treat all students of Rhee Taekwondo as individuals. To understand their goals and ambitions and to offer unwavering commitment to helping unleash a students potential and make their dreams become a reality. To start each day with the intention of making the lives of all those I encounter richer for having met me.

As you can imagine this is not img_3294a task for 1 person alone. David has an experienced team of Instructors and Assistant Instructors that work together to make Rhee Taekwondo training an amazing experience for all members.

It is with Great pleasure and deep honor that on behalf of World Master Chong Chul Rhee David invites you to join Australia’s largest martial arts family and train under the banner of RHEE Taekwondo.

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