Martial Arts for the Family

There are very few activities where members of the entire family can participate together regardless of AGE, SIZE, ABILITY, MALE or FEMALE. At Rhee Taekwondo World Class Instructors will ensure that training is safe and controlled and each member is treated as an individual. You can expect in the first few weeks of training your Instructor will encourage you to develop a strong foundation to build from.

Rhee Taekwondo training is physical and structured to benefit the practitioner both in physical strength as well as cardio vascular strength. This does not mean any prior fitness training is required as your Sabum will structure your fitness program to
best benefit the individual and maximise the performance improvement without the risk of injury. Coordination and Balance is enhanced through developing muscle flexibility and muscle stability.

As a traditional Martial art the
training is designed to benefit the practitioner not only physically but also mentally. This mental growth occurs in a number of different ways.
You can expect to develop Confidence and Self Esteem by goal setting and trouble shooting problems. Concentration and attention are sharpened through technical application. Most importantly through continued long term commitment a student will develop Humility. The ability to overcome adversity to achieve goals yet maintain a controlled sense of achievement.

Traditional and Non-CompetitiveIMG_5307
Rhee Taekwondo is a Traditional Martial art not a competitive sport. As per most traditional Martial arts they were developed for Self-Defence not to award a trophy for physical violence against an opponent. Rhee Taekwondo was specifically design for military application for the South Korean Marines and Rhee Taekwondo Techniques are tested and proven in battle applications. Although the intention of training was traditionally for Military application World Master Rhee and experienced Sabum have modified training methods over the past 45+ years to make training safe and
enjoyable for all practitioners while still maintaining the practical self-defence benefits desired.

Controlled Technique
Rhee Taekwon-do teaches controlled technique. It is regarded as one of the most dynamic and effective Arts of self-defence and so during training, all techniques delivered by all parts of the body are properly executed and well controlled. This means that there is no injury as a result of uncontrolled blows during training, but you will learn how to deliver full-powered blows in
defence of yourself and your family.IMG_6836

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